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My name is Rán and I'm an Icelandic freelance photographer.

I studied photography at the Technical Collage in Reykjavík and graduated as a photographer in 2017 with honors. Having finished courses with professional photographers from all over the world, I take every opportunity to learn new skills and keep up with our ever growing technology.

After having been focused mostly on portrait photography for more than a decade, I decided to change my path and explore new things creatively. Nature was calling! So now I specialize in landscape and travel photography and when the weather in Iceland is kind I play around with a drone and shoot both photos and video.

I am driven by the captivating beauty of my country. Being partly raised in the Westfjords, I gravitate towards remote areas and untouched places in Iceland where I can get lost with my camera for hours, and if I'm not in the mountains, I'm giving attention to the little things in nature that people often overlook or never notice.

If you'd like to work with me whether it's being your private photographer in Iceland or if you have a brand or a product you want to portray in Icelandic nature. Hit me an email and we'll chat. My photographs are also available for purchase.

You'll find more of my work on IG under @ranbjargar

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